Sensory considerations with handwriting


Sensory considerations and handwriting difficulties are topics that are discussed often in schools.  These areas are often on the top of teacher’s lists when they refer to Occupational Therapy.  Here is a great article and information that could be very helpful to many.


Start where you are!


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I guess it’s just important to start…… right?  Taking the first step is so important.  If I am going to work on that word I have chosen for 2016 which is CHANGE, I need to start right here, right now and think about the plan and course of action I want to take.

This picture came from the coloring book that I am enjoying. I am really finding pleasure in  the coloring that I have done…… it is so calming, stimulating to my brain, allowing the creative side to come out and thought provoking.  On the back of the coloring page is a saying that has been chosen to go along with the coloring page.

You are confined only by the walls that you build yourself ~ Unknown

I find this is SO true.   Whether it’s change in healthy choices, being more organized,  trying something new…….I am only confined by ME holding ME back.

As a Brain Gym Instructor, I have completed balances to help me focus my attention to the task at hand, completed Tapping to help support my well-being, used music and movement to help with supporting my sensory needs, and…… just taking some quiet time for myself.  All to help myself say YES to CHANGE.

So, each day I am going to start right where I am and move forward. I need to remember that I have many “tools” in my “toolbox of supports”.  Looking forward to continuing to work on CHANGE.




CHANGE ~is the word of 2016 for ME



Many folks pick a word for the year.  I am inspired by family and friends who choose  a word for the year. I thought I would give it a try this year.   First it was going to be transition…… then love…… and maybe happiness……. but they just didn’t feel right.  Then, of course when in the shower (where I seem to think clearly)….I thought about “change”.

For me, to get to happiness, to be able to transition, and feel love….I NEED to change.

Change maybe in the way I think, feel and act.  Some small changes and maybe some big changes.  I don’t know…… that’s why I think this is a good word for me……

Change defined in the Webster’s Dictionary:

The act, process or result of changing: as an alteration, transformation or substitution.

I had started this blog a few years ago….. didn’t really know what path it would take.  I haven’t used the site that much…..a few times when I feel something to write about, share etc.  But, I really want it to be more. CHANGE…. be more Happy and Healthy but with others = Together.

When I think about recent times….. there has already been much change.  In November my mom passed away, December with the holiday was the first time my oldest son did not come home for Christmas…… and now next weekend, we will be moving the youngest to Bowling Green so he can start a new chapter in his life.  He will be giving the college life another try. He is much more focused and has a greater understanding of what he want to do in his life.

Many of my friends have included me in challenges for health…… who can put in the most steps during certain periods of time.  I try my best…. hoping to meet my 10,000 steps each day.  Eating healthier is always a challenge.  Maybe 2016 will help me change those eating habits.  Never sure which “eating plan” is best.  I hope to find the one that works the best for “ME”.

In the work area…..I hope to challenge myself more…. looking into different avenues to use my Occupational Therapy talents.  I have found a real passion in using art as a form of therapeutic strategy… but I also find it very calming, intriguing, thought provoking, allowing creative energy to flow and just plain old ordinary FUN!!

So..         untitled (2)

As Eleanor Roosevelt said ~

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

I encourage ALL of us to change something in our lives to become more HAPPY AND HEALTHY!  We CAN do this TOGETHER. 

Welcome to 2016






Continued Possibilities


I had started this blog post a few months ago. Well….at school we had to rethink our wall of possibilities. It fell off the wall. At our school, it is really hard to get anything to stick to the painted walls. Even with duct tape!! So… is now a new year 2015 and it will be fun to think of new possibilities for this New Year!

Thinking of new possibilities made me ponder what occurred at school this week. It was the first week back from Winter Break….and then we had a “Snow Day”. Students were showing difficulty getting back into the routine and some not so happy to be at school.

Well….one of my students appeared to be feeling quite grumpy. So…don’t you think an indoor snowball fight would do the trick?? I am not talking of the real cold snow, but socks filled with soft stuffing sewn shut to make them look like snowballs. A quick toss…..a few great adults getting into the mood and we were having FUN!! The best is when other adults totally understand the need for a sensory or mental break to change the mood. This was a great therapy strategy working on fine motor skills, upper extremity skills and self-regulation skills too!

It sure was great to work on writing skills too by completing a journal page about our fun! The best part was that this student completed the writing page on his own and was excited to show me!

Well……2015 here we are! MORE POSSIBILITIES to come!



This summer I had an opportunity go to Colorado to attend the Brain Gym conference and visit with Jonathan. It was a great time to refocus, have time to think, plan and just enjoy. The conference was great! I got to catch up with friends….get reacquainted with other friends…..make new friends…AND I got to enjoy my oldest’s sons company in his new apartment! It was a great summer trip.

The theme for the conference was Possibilities! I have continued to work on that theme as the school year has started. When planning for my therapy sessions with the students, I was thinking of all the great possibilities that await us this school year. A great new mantra or affirmation is in there! “I am full of possibilities”!! As we have started this year, and now in full swing, I can see many possibilities awaiting us ALL! The possibility of new beginnings, new learning, new friends, and new adventures. With that being said, there is also the possibility of difficult times, frustrations, changes in classrooms and schedules! But, we continue to acknowledge all of the possibilities and learn from them.

When I attended the conference, we had time to share our successes and well as struggles and frustrations and then learn and share our abilities to move forward. We all have the possibilities to move forward in life. Some times the steps are slow….like baby steps. Others are big hops and leaps.

My hope for all is that we continue to look at the possibilities that are there for all of us. We have begun to create a wall of possibilities at school. I plan on sharing these with you. Be looking forward to pictures soon. ~Pam

Creating ART


crayon bottle cap art

What is ART?

Well….for me it is what you create. I am just trying to have fun with a variety of materials this summer. At school, we have had fun creating fun pieces of art with bottle caps and then with crayons. I thought it would be fun to combine the two. I thought it turned out pretty good for my first try. Watching the crayon melt, glide along on the canvas, and mix with the other colors was pretty fascinating. I also added a few pieces of Lego blocks for more variety. I think it might turn into something like the books of “I Spy”. That would be really fun.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month 2014


IMG_0654During the month of May we are working on emotions …..feelings activities. To help celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month, we have been completing many different activities that support and help us be aware of our own feelings and emotions, as well as those of others. IMG_0659IMG_0660IMG_0684IMG_0685
Drawing the rainbow was part of an activity done with a class to go along with a story with affirmations. I was so intrigued by the attention given to the story by a class of 6 boys. The quiet, attentiveness and interest was just so calming and uplifting for all.

Think Spring!


Have to start “thinking Spring” even if it surely doesn’t look like or feel like it outside yet. I have this picture frame in the family room that I try to be creative and change the artwork for the “month” or the “season”. Maybe if I change the decor I might feel like it is Spring! So down to the basement I went to be creative……what do you think?

2014-03-23 19.05.03