I want to enjoy the little “miracles” that happen in my day!


I just want to enjoy the little (those happenings) that I call “miracles”.  Those little wonderful experiences that happen during my day that give that warm feeling inside.  It reminds of what is important, and why we as therapists and all the others that work with folks of all ages with special needs. 

Here are just a few examples of what I mean.  Just this week, one of the students I work with 2 days in a row has initiated a request from me for a high interest activity for him.  Coming up to me without prompting and making the request for a balloon was just AWESOME!!  When I asked for balloon please without prompting, I better act quick.  I quickly praised him for making the request and we hurried out of the room to walk back to the therapy office.  This is where he know I keep the balloons.  He even settled for the only color I had in the drawer….green.  Yes I know his favorite color is red, but I just didn’t have any of those.  NO MELTDOWN.  Then on the return walk to the classroom, he bumped into the  hallway door frame. In the past he would have started banging his head on YOU, or the wall.  Well guess what, he did what most of us have been known to do.  He gave the door frame a little kick as almost to say ” You stupid door frame, what were you doing there?”.  How many times have we all gotten mad at the object that was in our way??  How “age appropriate” was that response?  He then proceeded back to the classroom without any difficulty, packed his new balloon into his pocket and returned to participate in the classroom activity.  And…….then just today, he shows up at the therapy office door, knocking at the door and making a request for a balloon again.  All with using great signing and waiting for my response.  I really better stock up!

In another classroom, one of my other students, has successfully used his PECS notebook  making a request to go to the swing.  What was so great about it, he demonstrated his strong desire to use the swing, even when all of his other classmates were getting ready for snack which is a  VERY high interest to him.  Pretzels are the ultimate!  He accompanied me to the swing area, even got on the swing, buckled the belt independently, and followed our schedule.  While at the swing, I wish you all could have experienced his joy, and ability to just relax.  To see his calmness and refrain from the high pitch giggle that he often demonstrate when he appears anxious what just superb! 

OK…..Every week is not like this but remember we are enjoying the little “miracles”.  When one of my teen students shows the understanding of the 5 Point Scale, and is open to my suggestions to help the student be more receptive to other’s ideas is what I call a great session. YEA! for all!

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