Monthly Archives: January 2013

Have not posted in a long time!


Just a few thoughts to get this New Year going.  Looking forward to working on being healthy.  That is working on moving forward in using the blog with greater consistency this year.  One of my relatives always chooses a word to focus on for the year.  I really think mine should be health or being healthy for 2013.  Not just physical health but mentally as well.  I want to work on challenging myself to learn more!!  In this age of electronics ……ipads……etc., I am finding my “seasoned” brain needed greater integration time.  I have to learn that that is OK!!  It might take me longer to understand, but I want to enjoy learning along the way.

Let’s learn together.  I am hoping that more folks will comment and help ME along my journey to health and being healthy. 

Happy New Year!  ~pam