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More on this AMAZING stuff called “tapping”.  I have one more day to go….listening to the Tapping World Summit.  WOW!!  is what comes to my mind.  When I found I can change….yes really change and help my vision the other day… just have to experience it to understand it.  That day was so enlightening that it gave me chills inside.

Today’s session was a bit more for me “thought provoking”!!  Bringing up many feelings from my past and how I can deal with them to move forward.  Seeing my vision into the future is difficult.  I have many thoughts, ideas, dreams etc. that I still want to accomplish.  “Well then…..Just do it!!”  I need to tell myself.  What is getting in my way??  Not so sure.  

Talked today about a vision board.  I have never been a very visual person but for me today, it seems very important to put those ideas in larger print right in front of me.  This seems like a great way to help me move forward.

So…….I need to clear a good path/space in my office, get those sticky notes out and just start letting the ideas flow to begin to create MY vision board. I have so many ideas.  My place for kids to be just who they are….and make friends at the same time……a book about my adventures with Lucas!!  Oh my, that one is still quite unfinished but an oh so great story to be told. 

Stay tuned everyone……more is yet to come!

Smile……We all are super heroes!!  ~Pam

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Just sharing some amazing stuff!


Participating in Tapping World Summit online.  I hope to share more as I learn.  Yesteday’s topic was on weight loss…….today’s session is on finding time for YOURSELF!!  Stay tuned for more information as I feel comfortable sharing.  As someone who has learned about this technique through my Brain Gym training…..Touch for Health training……and now hearing it through others, I am feeling I am gaining greater insight and understanding.  We all benefit from self help strategies that really speak to us personally!