Got this idea from a blog that I found while enjoying time on pinterest! Lots of great ideas for activities. Check it out!

Roll and Draw

a kleenex box or a different type of box to use as a die
a piece of paper to cover the box
a chalkboard, whiteboard, or piece of paper
something to write with

Wrap your kleenex box in paper to make a big die.
On each side of the die write a line (the lines I used are pictured above).

To play, roll the die and draw the line you rolled on your chalkboard (or paper).

There really isn’t an end to the game. We rolled 5 times each and then switched players.

For a Challenge:
Roll 5 times and try to make a picture with what you’ve rolled.

Other Ideas:
Color each side of the die with a different color. Roll and use that color on your paper.
Write letters on your die instead of lines. Can you spell any words with the letters you’ve rolled?
Write words to roll and practice reading and writing.

**I think I will really use this idea in therapy sessions with the students. Always fun to find a new way to get them interested in working on their writing skills in a fun way!! All those pre-writing shapes, strokes would be fun with this activity.

Pam will try to post pictures so you can see the visual….or…got to the activity mom page where she has pictures of this activity.

But….be creative….take this idea and make it your own!!

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