Bottle Cap world complete!


Video 48 0 00 00-07

What a fun, exciting, great project we just completed!

The students did a GREAT job and were so excited when we finished! The students were able to display the finished project in the front lobby today at school. We just HAD to get it done for Earth Day!! The cooperation, giving eachother compliments, working together as a group were great social skills for life! And, also working on sensory sensitivities….Yuck! “I don’t like it when glue gets on my hands”….hand skills by squeezing the glue bottles with the right power….AND using their imagination!! All with recycled bottle caps.

I think it looks GREAT!! but I am a bit biased. Now onto the next project. We have ideas but just not sure. WE will keep asking friends to recycle bottle caps, jar lids and any other tops to containers that will work.

About pamot

My name is Pam and I am new to this blogging stuff. Trying to find a great way to share thoughts, ideas and lots of fun "activities" to use in my Occupational Therapy practice. I hope you enjoy!

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