OK!!! It is really ok to feel special sometimes!


I was made to feel special this week. It was Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. We decided to have an activity where everyone cut out a picture or wrote something that helped them stay calm, relaxed and in “the zone”. WOW!! we were so excited to see how many different strategies that the students and the teachers used.

Well, I just have to share. One of the teachers asked me for a picture of me. Oh…….I just love giving out my picture(haha)!! But I found one on my computer that I thought was ok. When I asked what they needed the picture for she explained…..that one of the students that I work with when asked what kept him calm was “Ms. Pam”. That’s me!! Made me want to cry. That was so special to me. This students has come so far this year. We have made greater strides in therapy. Many challenges but it is so rewarding when you are able to witness a student use the strategies that you practice in therapy and see that you CAN make a difference.

Thanks for letting me share. ~pam

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