Monthly Archives: June 2013




I work at group homes…ICF/DD facilities and provide Occupational Therapy services to the residents. As an Occupational Therapist, my role is to assist in maximizing function skills. Many of the residents has significant cognitive and physical limitations. They require maximal assistance for the completion of daily living skills and participation in leisure skills as well. But….that doesn’t mean that they can’t..or…won’t! We just have to be creative. I feel that is an important area of Occupational Therapy. Modifying, augmenting, and allowing them to participate. Well…..I feel that when we do these fun activities the resident has a great time and the staff as well. I just love when others get involved….and continue the creativity. Much more than I could have imagined. Thanks to all of those that show interest and become a part of our fun journey. Let’s continue to have fun, create and show others what “EVERYONE” is capable of!



Trying to plan what I want to do this summer. Relax and enjoy myself! That is a good place to start. Already have thoughts for next year floating in my head. But…..trying to just enjoy time right now. Time to visit with family…just enjoyed that yesterday. Lot’s of fun, laughter and good company!!

Going to try sitting out in the sun soaking up some needed Vitamin D. Sure wish the Cleveland weather would warm up a bit. A few weeks ago, before school was out it was pretty warm. Now we are wearing jeans, putting on long sleeve shirts. Doesn’t sound like summer.

What is everyone else have planned for this summer? Trips to Cedar Point, vacations, beach visits, hikes, and ?? Let me know. I will be trying to do a few of those activities along with working!! Need to keep the $$ coming in….darn anyway.