Monthly Archives: September 2014



This summer I had an opportunity go to Colorado to attend the Brain Gym conference and visit with Jonathan. It was a great time to refocus, have time to think, plan and just enjoy. The conference was great! I got to catch up with friends….get reacquainted with other friends…..make new friends…AND I got to enjoy my oldest’s sons company in his new apartment! It was a great summer trip.

The theme for the conference was Possibilities! I have continued to work on that theme as the school year has started. When planning for my therapy sessions with the students, I was thinking of all the great possibilities that await us this school year. A great new mantra or affirmation is in there! “I am full of possibilities”!! As we have started this year, and now in full swing, I can see many possibilities awaiting us ALL! The possibility of new beginnings, new learning, new friends, and new adventures. With that being said, there is also the possibility of difficult times, frustrations, changes in classrooms and schedules! But, we continue to acknowledge all of the possibilities and learn from them.

When I attended the conference, we had time to share our successes and well as struggles and frustrations and then learn and share our abilities to move forward. We all have the possibilities to move forward in life. Some times the steps are slow….like baby steps. Others are big hops and leaps.

My hope for all is that we continue to look at the possibilities that are there for all of us. We have begun to create a wall of possibilities at school. I plan on sharing these with you. Be looking forward to pictures soon. ~Pam