CHANGE ~is the word of 2016 for ME



Many folks pick a word for the year.  I am inspired by family and friends who choose  a word for the year. I thought I would give it a try this year.   First it was going to be transition…… then love…… and maybe happiness……. but they just didn’t feel right.  Then, of course when in the shower (where I seem to think clearly)….I thought about “change”.

For me, to get to happiness, to be able to transition, and feel love….I NEED to change.

Change maybe in the way I think, feel and act.  Some small changes and maybe some big changes.  I don’t know…… that’s why I think this is a good word for me……

Change defined in the Webster’s Dictionary:

The act, process or result of changing: as an alteration, transformation or substitution.

I had started this blog a few years ago….. didn’t really know what path it would take.  I haven’t used the site that much…..a few times when I feel something to write about, share etc.  But, I really want it to be more. CHANGE…. be more Happy and Healthy but with others = Together.

When I think about recent times….. there has already been much change.  In November my mom passed away, December with the holiday was the first time my oldest son did not come home for Christmas…… and now next weekend, we will be moving the youngest to Bowling Green so he can start a new chapter in his life.  He will be giving the college life another try. He is much more focused and has a greater understanding of what he want to do in his life.

Many of my friends have included me in challenges for health…… who can put in the most steps during certain periods of time.  I try my best…. hoping to meet my 10,000 steps each day.  Eating healthier is always a challenge.  Maybe 2016 will help me change those eating habits.  Never sure which “eating plan” is best.  I hope to find the one that works the best for “ME”.

In the work area…..I hope to challenge myself more…. looking into different avenues to use my Occupational Therapy talents.  I have found a real passion in using art as a form of therapeutic strategy… but I also find it very calming, intriguing, thought provoking, allowing creative energy to flow and just plain old ordinary FUN!!

So..         untitled (2)

As Eleanor Roosevelt said ~

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

I encourage ALL of us to change something in our lives to become more HAPPY AND HEALTHY!  We CAN do this TOGETHER. 

Welcome to 2016






About pamot

My name is Pam and I am new to this blogging stuff. Trying to find a great way to share thoughts, ideas and lots of fun "activities" to use in my Occupational Therapy practice. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Change is a great word of the year. You’ve already gone through some pretty traumatic events in your life and by nature of the events, change is on the horizon. I think we can choose to think about change as a good thing. It can fuel our curiosity, move us to new levels of happiness or understanding, and make us both adaptable and humble. Thank you for sharing your word with us!

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