Start where you are!


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I guess it’s just important to start…… right?  Taking the first step is so important.  If I am going to work on that word I have chosen for 2016 which is CHANGE, I need to start right here, right now and think about the plan and course of action I want to take.

This picture came from the coloring book that I am enjoying. I am really finding pleasure in  the coloring that I have done…… it is so calming, stimulating to my brain, allowing the creative side to come out and thought provoking.  On the back of the coloring page is a saying that has been chosen to go along with the coloring page.

You are confined only by the walls that you build yourself ~ Unknown

I find this is SO true.   Whether it’s change in healthy choices, being more organized,  trying something new…….I am only confined by ME holding ME back.

As a Brain Gym Instructor, I have completed balances to help me focus my attention to the task at hand, completed Tapping to help support my well-being, used music and movement to help with supporting my sensory needs, and…… just taking some quiet time for myself.  All to help myself say YES to CHANGE.

So, each day I am going to start right where I am and move forward. I need to remember that I have many “tools” in my “toolbox of supports”.  Looking forward to continuing to work on CHANGE.




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