Think Spring!


Have to start “thinking Spring” even if it surely doesn’t look like or feel like it outside yet. I have this picture frame in the family room that I try to be creative and change the artwork for the “month” or the “season”. Maybe if I change the decor I might feel like it is Spring! So down to the basement I went to be creative……what do you think?

2014-03-23 19.05.03

Be creative!


downloadThis Christmas I decided to be creative! Well….I usually make gifts but seemed to be more focused on the creating projects this year. Making memory books and fun Santa duct tape bags were just a few. AND….my sister had the same idea. Look at the pretty arm knitted scarf that she made. She will need to teach me.

Occupational Therapy = projects!!


We are starting out the school year working on an “ALL ABOUT ME” project using the puzzle piece theme. “We are ALL a piece of a puzzle” is our title. I sent home a fill in the blank worksheet to have the parents help provide information. WOW!! Did I learn LOTS about our students. This was great!! Likes….Dislikes…..What they do for fun…..favorites. This will be GREAT in helping me when we work on writing skills. We can use this information to help generate/create a variety of sentences. Thanks to ALL of my student’s parents who helped us !! Here is a picture of what we have started on our wall. Looks great don’t you think??

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Weighted Vests


What do my friends think about this?

FYI….I have been walking while listening to podcasts…stories on my kindle. Carry it in a backpack hooked tight to my body. Feels good! And…..just that little bit of input helps me keep my body upright. So… this article and thought I would share. September is backpack awareness month. Ask your OT to get you information if you want.