Just S.T.O.P.


Well, I got your attention didn’t I?

I wanted to share with you a bit of the Hay House World Summit that I have been listening to over several days. I have found that listening to all this information while I am doing my morning….(or whenever I fit it in) walk is very educational. That time is just for me. I have really found that I am able to understand the wealth of information out there when I listen to it rather than reading. I am not sure I have always been an auditory learner….I thought I was more kinesthetic but probably am a combination of both!

Well….anyway, I wanted to share with you a piece of what Deepak Chopra discussed in his participation in the summit. We often find that telling ourselves…..others “just stop” to be helpful in our processing of all of the information…..sensations……etc. that bombards us daily. Just think about this piece of information…..ponder it…..let me know what your think.

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural Hay House World Summit. We’re excited to have all of you
participating in this special event. My name is Greg Sherwood and I’m very happy to have author and teacher Deepak Chopra with me.

This is just a small piece of his hour long talk…….
So I use what is used the STOP formula, S-T-O-P. S is stop, T is take a few deep breaths, smile everywhere in your body, observe your body, O stands for observe, and now Proceed with compassion, kindness and creativity.

And you can do that any time, okay? So you learn to be the observer of yourself.
But then you extend that. You observe not only your thoughts and you take it one step at a time. You
observe your behavior, your reactivity, your speech before you speak. If you just have a little intention that, you know, I’ll say only that which is necessary, I’ll make sure that it is not violent or hurt anyone, and I’ll make sure that it improves the quality of people’s life. The only purpose of speech should be to create happiness in the listener.

And, you know, if we follow these things, and one step at a time, it’s not, you know, you can’t be enlightened in a day. It takes a long time for a fruit to ripen, but one day it does fall.

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